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What is Blockchain community ?

We are forming a new kind of dynamic organization where a group of like-minded individuals are able to aggregate their resources and help each other in times of need. In the process we are able to participate in wealth generation and also be kind and compassionate towards people in the community. There is no individual who is able to decide on the overall decisions that are taken in this organization, rather we collectively are working towards a new kind of self organized entity that evolves, keeping the larger goal of social good via right economic incentives, in mind.

In order to understand how we work, we have to understand how the current banking industry works. We keep money in the bank, which in turn are supposed to give us a certain level of inflation adjusted returns so that it is a mutually beneficial relationship. But now we have come to an inflection point where banks are effectively giving negative return (inflation adjusted) and hence it makes no sense to keep the money in the banks.

Hence, we are almost forced to take higher risk by investing in equity or bonds, which are all FIAT currency denominated (inflationary limitless supply of paper money which devalues purchasing power). Well, for common people this is not the right way to go ahead as there is a better way, where much better risk / reward ratio exists.

Welcome to Community Stake pools. In this we will enable you to adopt a new way to participate in getting returns on your capital. It is called Staking. If you are looking for more support, please reach out to us via the support page. We will be very happy to guide you and welcome you onboard in making the experience of community staking pleasurable.

In order to serve you in making the onboarding experience pleasurable, please select a date and time below so that we can have a personalised call and help you onboard.


A secure investment for their hard earned savings by protecting against high inflation and FIAT devaluation and demonetization. As banks do not provide any returns, they are looking to invest a small part of their earnings every month by delegating to a Stake pool on Cardano.


Farmers need financing for their farming ventures. Hence part of the earnings from the stake pool will be invested through a microfinance company that lend directly to farmers.

Young IT Workers

As they are earning good salary in big multinationals even at an early age and want to become financially independent earlier than their last generation, they are very eager to find out new avenues to provide them protection against FIAT devaluation and debt driven finance.

Small and medium Scale enterprises

Small scale enterprises in India lack proper banking connectivity for their daily work, and their entire work is done using cash. And they have very less access to banking facilities. Also they have no way to get out of this cycle of cash cycling and are fully exposed to the FIAT devaluation.

These businesses will be hugely benefitted by this technology as they can not only go digital but will help generate requirements for this segment, so that in future the community of these businesses can generate a pool of capital to help others each in times of distress. Currently the banks being centrally controlled does not allow aggregation of such resources, and when businesses need they do not get the capital. This has been clearly demonstrated during the times of COVID-19 when more than 30-40% of businesses have gone bankrupt unable to sustain the lack of demand and lack of capital to provide business liquidity.


Update: Cardano in Africa

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